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Foundations of Stage Presence

Can you play an instrument with ease? Cook delicious meals?

Read novels flowingly? Sing like a songbird?

Create computer programmes like a pro?

But….. do you feel nervous walking on a stage and presenting your piece? Standing in front of your work colleagues and describing your latest invention? Being in front of a camera? Delivering your thesis? Using your own words and being seen as you?


‘Foundations of Stage Presence’ is really all about ‘Life Presence’ and it’s the perfect programme to guide you into being so comfortable with your self, that you won’t feel the need to create or put on a persona at any point. You’ll step into the potential of you and settle there more and more. It’ll become your go to place and then your permanent place.


The question that will be the golden thread running through all of this is -

‘What’s the contribution you’d like to make?’


We’ll start with rediscovering the source of the breath and sound vibration and anchoring you there whilst becoming aware of old energy cycles and patterns that have been hidden and built up.

We’ll enjoy exercises that stimulate the energy systems and bring you more comfortably into your physical body building the foundation of safety at your core.

You’ll be introduced to ‘flipping the coin’ which will help you see alternative perspectives of moments in your life, opening you up to being responsible for yourself, your reactions and actions and finding true strength as you re-find the truth. 

Through a variety of guided journeys, drawing, writing, attentive listening and sharing, you’ll begin delving into your imagination, gaining an understanding of emotions as vibration and voice as sound vibration. You’ll learn that you’re the creator of your life and that you can choose how you show up in each minute, how life is a delicious variety of experiences and how each experience, no matter how it looks, is an opportunity for incredible growth and gratitude. It’s like jumping into a bowl of jelly beans - some flavours we like and some we don’t but they’re all delicious to someone. 

You’ll also be introduced to your body as your friend and ally. We’re with our bodies 24/7, 365 days a year until we breath our last physical breath and now’s the time for us to understand its reason for being and the initial steps to having a healthy and harmonious relationship with it. It’s just waiting for us to say hi.

Some how we’ve bought into the idea that we have to be serious to be taken seriously, to get somewhere and be seen as professional but that doesn’t mean we have to be serious all the time. It’s important to be focused for sure but that’s very different from being serious. Letting ourselves have fun can be tricky and yet it’s so much healthier for us and the planet. It can be scary too because the energy of fun feels as though it’s all over the place, that you can’t control it, put it in a box etc. but at the same time, being serious has the effect of keeping us in a box which keeps us stagnant, gets to be miserable and blocks all creativity on every level. We’ll experiment with fun, pleasure and enjoyment in a safe and supported way.

You’ll also be introduced to your intuition, your gut feeling and start to learn how to ‘hear’ it and get friendly with it. We’ll nurture it and build a solid connection that will turn into your fail proof, unconditional companion and guide.

You’ll start living a fuller life from the inside out with all of your senses alert

and firing on all cylinders.

All of this will bring a connection with who you are at your core and the understanding that you/we are energy, not in a woo woo kind of way, but in a real experiential way.

Thankfully the choice is yours -

Empowered vs Disempowered.

Strong vs Weak.

Responsible vs Blame.

Embodied vs Disconnected.

Present vs Absent.

Knowing vs Ignorance.

Intuition vs Doubt.

Which way would you like to choose?

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