The birthing of breathtaking empathy

It’s time to really own what’s going on inside of us now and it feels to me that the universe is pushing and helping us to do this. It needs us to step into the fullness of who we really are and that means taking responsibility for our thoughts, energy, emotions, words, actions etc. It’s time to be conscious and own what we’re capable of. As we do that, it brings freedom and openness and releases the limiting mentality of blame and victimhood.

It’s time to stop saying things like – ‘it’s because of you’, ‘it’s your fault’, ‘if only they hadn’t done that’ etc. and that means for everything; love, anger, jealously, desire, sadness, shame, guilt etc. When we put it onto someone else, we give away our innate power and that doesn’t help or honour anyone. It also creates some sort of dependance which closes us off to the infinite possibilities that are available for us. To be the full human being that we’re here to be, it’s imperative that we start owning it all and reminding others to do the same. As we step into ourselves, we open like a flower and the beauty of our true nature is sensed by all and ignites a chain reaction. We are the source of everything that we feel. Yes for sure, emotions are beautifully triggered by a spark of recognition in someone or something outside of us. Nothing can be felt that doesn’t already exist. Maybe it’s been having an afternoon nap for a while but when it’s ready to wake up, it magnetizes into its presence the very thing that sparks it into life. When we’re struck at our core by the beauty of a sunrise, or feel butterflies in our tummies when we look into another’s eyes, it’s soul recognizing soul and letting it know it’s ok to feel into its fullness. It’s truly breathtaking.

As I was taking stock of me and my emotions the other day, I realized that I was still resisting the energy of love, specifically ‘romantic love’. I welcome the denser energies with open arms, like I’m receiving friends to a party but as soon as I let myself feel ‘romantic love’, I felt an immediate shut-off like a door closing and I went into my head hearing a voice say “no not there, that will take you off your path”. What? Really? I laughed at myself – lovingly. A golden chalice of a treasure was before me and as I accepted it I knew that I was moving even more fully into my human being’ness. We know we can’t love another without loving ourselves but it’s more than that, it’s fully embodying that love in all of its magnificent forms. Then we know the life that lives in all things. The expansion is beautiful. Food tastes more sexy, flowers resonate with sensuality, the sea purrs whilst caressing the shore line. It’s mind blowing how incredible life is. We just can’t make this stuff up, it’s too absolutely breathtaking and humbling. How exactly the right person turns up at the right moment, or how we read the words that open a door into a part of us that we didn’t even know was there. And it’s happening all the time, for all of us. As I look up at a tree in front of me, I understand that I’ve been living like a beautiful flowering tree not even knowing that I had flowers or even leaves….not anymore.

I’m loving it with childlike wonder and going back for more knowing that with every delve, I find a treasure and with every treasure I find myself and with more of myself, life and everything about it becomes sweeter.

Thank you all for playing your roles so perfectly for me. l will continue to do the same for you with love and honour.

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