Eggs, Stones & Overcoats…

I’ve been in South Georgia for nearly three months & it’s been one of the most cathartic times of my life. Thanks to everyone showing up exactly as they & I (on a soul level) had agreed that they would, I’m deeper in my truth than ever before. I’ve been shown Love in so many ways – gently, aggressively, forcefully, funnily, lovingly & in a mixture of anger, laughter, amazement, tears, questions, explosions, tenderness etc. & every single one of them has brought me to a more expanded place of humility, surrender & peace.

I know that simply by showing up in each moment, I have the opportunity to see myself in another & no matter what overcoat I put on, I’m simply Love disguised. I’m not here to change anyone & I don’t need anyone to change me, it’s all up to me, everything; what I do with each breath, how far I dive into self, how brave I am, how much I question & accept, how adventurous I am, how I look at things, how I take things, react or act to people, situations, words etc. I’m here to be the purest being I can be & I know that you are Love in a different costume of skin & that I have the possibility to find the Me in you. Not by trying to do anything with anyone but simply by being Love, looking past the coat & into truth. That’s why finding myself as Love really has nothing to do with anyone’s exterior version & everything to do with what’s inside. It’s not always easy because our coats can be thick & dense but they’re exactly as they need to be.

Every heartbreak, every tripping up, every pebble or rock is perfect & absolutely tailor made for us.

It’s Easter morning & the gratitude I feel for being alive is immense. I’m thinking through the last couple of weeks & seeing how everything happened in such divine order.

I think of the story of Jesus & the rolling away of the stone from the cave. It strikes me that it represents our own lives & what’s possible for us. Doesn’t the rock represent our own blockages of beliefs, judgements, fears etc.? And as we become more conscious & self responsible doesn’t the rock become lighter, smaller, less dense until one day it simply isn’t there anymore. In that moment we can then see ourselves as the cave, as pure, clear, empty, free vessels. The miracle is as we know this for ourselves, we know it for all selves. We see the truth in its simplicity & how we are all in each others lives as Love in disguise playing the roles we have all agreed to play for each other. Find self & we find selves. Hide’n’Seek.

I wish you all a beauty-filled, love-filled Easter full of miracles & as we watch children hunting for hidden Easter Eggs, maybe it will remind us to hunt for what we’re deeply searching for. Thank you & I Love You.

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