I am releasing love…

Yesterday morning whilst I was doing yoga, I heard a voice say ‘release love’ & immediately I felt bubbles of consciousness fizz their way up through my body. My heart opened a little more in the understanding that I’ve been locking love up in my heart out of fear. Fear that there might not be any more coming & fear that if more does come, it will be harmful in some way. By locking it up, I realised that I haven’t really been living, not fully living. Like making my favourite cup of tea & only drinking two thirds of it just in case there might not be any more & if there is more, it might be poisoned in some way. Or like going to a restaurant & only eating the sauces. So not only have I kept love locked in but I’ve also kept it locked out & therefore as I am love, I’ve been locking my Self in & out.

This might seem obvious but I’d never thought about releasing love. I’ve been thinking about releasing fear, anger, sadness etc., but accepting it all as a beautiful & miraculous part of me but of course each time I did that I was actually continuing to stimulate them rather than diffuse them. So by turning that focus onto love, it’s love that gets stimulated!! Then when I went walking in the woods, I kept repeating ‘I release love’, firstly stressing the ‘I’, then ‘release’ & then ‘love’ to feel it in all it’s senses. Oh my goodness, how empowering & invigorating. I kept feeling bubbles of energy fizzing through my body saying ‘Yes, yes, she’s getting it’. As I kept repeating it, I felt my heart spraying love out into the world, like the fine mist from Champagne when the cork is gently released.

This was quickly followed by another gem…..’As I am love, I’m releasing Me’. ‘Oh yes!!!’ another yipeee from the universe. And of course in releasing Me, it releases everyone who’s been locked in that too. What effects one, effects all & what a frigging wonderful effect. The ‘releasing Me’ doesn’t have to be with a Wham! either, it can be like the champagne bubbles – fine, misty, elegant, sifting into the world almost imperceptibly & yet forever life altering.

Playing some more, I started talking to nature & saying ‘I release love’ & then did the same with people as I was walking in town later. I became conscious of the aliveness & vibrational reply from everything. It was enjoying being seen, acknowledged, appreciated. I saw the big protective medieval city door opening, the drawbridge going down & the channel of connection & communication reawakening. Everything can now come & go as it chooses. No ‘have to’ or ‘must’, or ‘should’, but can. Choice & possibility are there & like everything else, it is within our power. It’s our choice to open or not & whichever we choose in each moment, all is ok.

Remember too that when we let that thing that we love the most fly away, it brings light to the world as it soars high in its truth & then that love ignited light shines right back onto us.

So when you feel a gentle mist of sweetness against your skin, maybe it’s love releasing itself to you.

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