Seeing Our Shiny Selves

Recently friends from Victoria came for a visit & on a beautiful sunny day we went to Transfer Beach which is in the pretty town of Ladysmith. We walked along the shore together; the children running with their dog whilst my friend & I looked through the crystal clear water to the magical array of pebbles & marvelled at how they are so beautifully smoothed & polished by the waves.

The pieces of incredible driftwood were also a wonderful example of how nature re-defines & alters the outside view of something whilst leaving the core intact & solid, radiating a sense of serenity & peace. The symbolism of how love does the same to us I find so touching. Little by little we are delicately & gently smoothed by the loving caress of the universe, who respectfully & unconditionally removes our rough edges, helping us to be present in each situation. She also helps us to re-Be-come our shiny, beautifully reflective selves by gently buffing us with the perfect polishing cloth at just the right time. More & more we are able to witness & feel the myriad of emotions & energy flowing through & around us without the need for a story or attachment, knowing that everything except the love that we are is temporary. Sometimes the Universal caress & polish can seem a little harsh, just like the waves of the ocean & yet they are only ever filled with one single purpose, to help us go behind the seemingly rough & dull exterior, to show the truth of our smooth & shiny Be-ingness of Love – the truth of who we are. Nature is deeply generous with her gifts, forever reflecting the true us right back to us. Take a look next time you go for a walk & see your Self shining back at you. I think you’ll like it.

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