The other night I woke up several times & realised that I was focused on my breath & feeling the spaciousness inside of me. The spaciousness that I am, that we all are. It was beautiful. Since then I’ve been connecting more easily to that space, that peace. It comes partly from understanding that we are all acting out different roles to lovingly help each other remember who we truly are, even though on a mental level that role can look at bit odd at times. It’s as though love (us) has gone into a costume shop & chosen a variety of different temporary disguises whilst its essence is always the same. When we put on a coat, we’re still us, we don’t disappear, we’re just a little hidden – same. In understanding that everyone is here to help each other because we’re all here for the same purpose, clears so much fear out of our lives. No-one consciously means to harm anyone but when people get confused & disconnected from their essence, they can re-act to a situation out fear & pain when really all they actually want is to be seen & given a hug. Their protective instinct is natural, like an animal’s behaviour fearing it’s going to be attacked. Our re-actions are also nothing to do with anyone else, even though we like to think that they are. It’s purely the situation that allows emotions to surface & be seen & it gives us the opportunity to take responsibility for us in that moment- how we feel, how we act, what we do. Each situation is a gift to help us understand ourselves on a deeper level, that’s all & with that understanding comes a freedom from our own fear & protective re-actions. That in itself gives spaciousness & liberation, pause for thought. There’s spaciousness because of not being involved with another’s experience & it gives us all the freedom to fully experience life.

The beautiful gift of understanding that we’re all here to lovingly help each other, allows us to be fully in our physical bodies. It’s when we’re afraid of someone or something that we have a tendency to pop up into our ethereal bodies. When we meet people who seem ethereal, it’s not just a case of being grounded or not grounded, it’s more because they’re afraid to be in their bodies. When I got this understanding as I was walking in the woods, I suddenly felt my ethereal body come right down into my physical body confirming that what I was thinking was right. It was as though I’d been living in two places & now knew it was ok to live in one. I felt full & ‘lived in’ & I realised that by me inhabiting this incredible physical body, I was giving the universe the signal that I’m really ready to be here & fully enjoy life in all it’s different ways and it also frees others to do the same. I’m unconsciously sending out a message to others that I’m safe & they’re safe & that there’s space for all of us. Showing up as who we truly are allows others to be the same. What a beautiful example of cause & effect.

So next time you feel yourself having a hard time or you see someone else going through some stuff, try & remember that we’re all here to help each other lovingly remember who we really are & maybe we all simply want a hug – energetic or physical.

Loving you all for Be-ing You.

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