‘Permanently Temporary’, or it is ‘Temporarily Permanent’?

I don’t feel as though I’ve travelled that much but I guess compared to many people here on Vancouver Island I have. A question I’m frequently asked is, ‘Are you staying here permanently?’ To start with I didn’t really have an answer and now my reply is simply, ‘I’m kind of permanently temporary’. And in all honesty aren’t we all?

I don’t want to be anywhere else right now apart from on this magnificent island which takes my breath away every day and is, at the same time, the place where I can really breathe… the One Breath. The sea is a colour that I’ve never seen anywhere else. I can only describe it as the colour of soul. That incredible pale blue that at times simply merges with the sky and becomes one. Seamless. Its incredible mill pond like stillness resonates with the peace of being, reminding me that we’re all One. Looking at her through my heart’s eye, all separation ends. All the harsh edges become gentle, soft, welcoming. I can almost hear her calling to me, ‘I’m here, come and drink’. Not literally and yet when I see her or stand next to her, she quenches my thirst. For what? For connection and fulfillment, for me. Why wouldn’t she? After all, over fifty per cent of our physical body is made from water. And yet it’s so much deeper than that. I can physically feel my body being pulled from the inside out. It’s “that gut feeling”. It almost feels as though a string of pearls is running through the centre of my body and when I look at the sea, the pearls awake and start shimmering, tickling almost as they’re pulled by an invisible thread to connect with her. The example of a parent looking into their new born baby’s eyes is often used and I guess that’s what I experience as an adult, the parent for me being Mother Earth and me being her child. Re-connection.

The trees here on the island have a similar effect. When I first arrived at the end of the summer, a friend drove me across the island to Port Renfrew. On the way, we stopped to be with two very ancient trees. As I hugged them in silence, I felt a grandfather energy and again that feeling of connection from deep down in my gut. It was as though the trees enveloped me, held me and nourished me. All the time reminding me of the peace that I am, that we all are. Filling me with a knowing that everything we need really is inside each of us and that everything and everyone outside of us is here to help us re-connect back inside to that knowing. I also received the amazing gift of seeing whales for the first time. Suddenly there they were right infront of us, a mother and baby, slowly swimming back and forth. We watched them for over an hour in silence, in total respect for the miracle of life. They were being nourished by the fish and we were being nourished by their presence.

Between the mill pond like stillness on the east side and the invigorating, crashing, unrelenting waves on the west, something magical happens which appears to create the energy of possibility and renewal. A space for ‘first times’, for spontaneity, for feeling, for breathing.

The only thing that’s permanent in life is change. No thing ever stays the same, no idea, theory or belief, no person, chair, table or tree. All is forever evolving, forever experiencing in its own unique way and isn’t it simply perspective that makes it beautiful or not? I can now see everything as beautiful because of seeing its miracle of simply being. The fact that we breathe is a miracle and whether we are permanently temporary or temporarily permanent, it actually doesn’t matter. We’re here and that’s what matters. We are all beautiful, everything about us is beautiful. Thank you for being you.

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