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1-2-1 Coaching
Finding Your True Voice

These sessions are open to everyone, for any subject, in every realm and outlet of hobby, work, career, life. They’re uniquely focused on you and tailor made for your requirements. We allow ourselves to go with the flow and follow what your needs are in each moment. It’s all about empowering you to go there and to let the magic of what’s inside of you, flow out.


Finding your voice, the voice that’s been hidden and feels as though it’s never been heard is an incredibly freeing and life fulfilling experience. There have been times for nearly everyone where they’ve been told they’re too loud, too silly, they laugh too much, they don’t make sense, they shouldn’t speak until spoken to, they’re not making any sense etc. etc. etc. This can often stay with people for a long time and they don’t realise how these words have made such an impact on them and how they’ve then prevented themselves from simply expressing truthfully. Everything has been to fit in with what they think will please other people rather than what’s in harmony for them.

   It might have been to ease tensions of parents, or to keep children happy, or to be the best employee or boss, to fit in with school friends, colleagues or society. All of this comes from an unconscious need to fit in and not cause any ripples because for a lot of people, causing ripples was dangerous and upset the status quo when really all you were wanting was peace.

   I run the sessions via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime etc. and together we discuss what area you would like to focus on. Everything is welcome.

We will discuss what brought you to me and what you would like to focus on, whether it be voiceover, public speaking, self-motivation, starting a project, releasing your creative potential, simply feeling better in yourself, finding you in the midst of everything, finding your empowered voice in a relationship, as a parent or child etc.

   The sessions are generally weekly or bi-weekly so that you have the time to relax into connecting with the foundation inside of you. We work consciously and gently at your pace so that it becomes a permanent, solid and authentic connection. Nurturing a true lasting relationship with your-self.

   Clients who come to me for VoiceOver are all at different stages of their careers. Some are beginning so we’ll work through a basic home studio set up, inroads to finding work and on a variety of scripts to find their niche, where they feel most comfortable and which area they love the most. Other clients are more established and want to fine tune their true expression through the words they’re reading whether it be narration, audio-books, animation, characters etc. And some clients are working VoiceOver artists and want a one off session to work on a piece for an audition or simply to get an extra burst of energy to get realigned and re- motivated.

   We’ve all got something beautiful to express and it all comes from the inside. Often it’s been forgotten or layered upon but it’s always there simply waiting for the right time, for the time when everything’s in harmony and ready to hear and be heard.

If you’d like to work with me, simply send me an email -

It’ll be lovely to hear from you and to empower you

in finding your Voice.