Gifting Forward / Giving Back

I’ve been so inspired by the abundance of wonderful non profits that are based in Victoria BC where I live, that I felt it was a perfect opportunity to bring more awareness to them as well as more money. Thanks to this inspiration, I donate 20% of my earnings to a different local non profit every time I run a workshop.

  I had the incredible gift of living and volunteering in India on and off for 3 years whilst based at 2 different ashrams. I appreciated every second of my time there and one of the most freeing things for me was that I was able to give simply because I could, free of any expectation of receiving anything in return. Because of that, what I received were the most heart filled smiles, eyes full of love and total receiving. Personally, I was fulfilled in a way that I’d yearned for.

  This is also part of my life in Victoria. This isn’t a showing off explanation, this is an inspiration description should you choose it to be. There were times in my life when I didn’t have the funds to donate money so I donated my time, now I have funds and less free time, so I choose to donate money. 20% from every workshop that I run. In whatever way you’re able to, I recommend with all of my heart that in giving unconditionally, freely, simply because you can, you’ll receive the most fulfilling experience you will ever give yourself.

Mustard Seed - Victoria Women’s Transition House - Raven Trust  

Ancient Forest Alliance - Wilderness Committee - Arts Reach