Give your voice dreams

There are three kinds of workshops


Conscious VoiceOver (VO)

— Weekend Intensive Workshop

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One to One Coaching 

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Foundations of Stage Presence

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T e s t i m o n i a l s

Victoria Scott is a voice shepherd who with care and a great understanding of the craft of voice-over guides your voice to greener pastures. Her voiceover workshops are not just about honing technique and understanding your voice but it's about realizing how much of our voices are unique to us. If you attend her workshops with an open mind and heart you will find out that connecting and loving your voice are the first steps to realizing the abundant possibilities it has not just in the craft of voice-over but in the craft of life. 


IMDB: John Macanas  Limetown, The Game, and alumni of VADarts. 

Gifting Forward / Giving Back

I’ve been so inspired by the abundance of wonderful non profits that are based in Victoria BC where I live, that I felt it was a perfect opportunity to bring more awareness to them as well as more money. Thanks to this inspiration, I donate 20% of my earnings to a different local non profit every time I run a workshop. READ MORE

Mustard Seed - Victoria Women’s Transition House - Raven Trust

Ancient Forest Alliance - Wilderness Committee - Arts Reach